The Power of the Blogosphere Part I: A Series on the Positive Marketing Value & Impact of Bloggers

October 19, 2015  |  Posted by JBCPR

The Power of the Blogosphere:
A Series on the Positive Marketing Value & Impact of Bloggers

Editorial bloggers, in many ways replacing the favorite newspapers and magazines of a decade and more ago, have become one of the PR professional’s most powerful awareness-generating tools.

Bloggers are thought leaders among their dedicated followers; they are the go-to, trusted sources consumers turned to for ideas, recommendations, choices, inspiration and even fun. In addition, as Joanna comments in her previous post, in today’s world of digital communications and optimization, it’s all about content, and blogs are authentic content.

As this amazing and influential media powerhouse has evolved, we’ve been fortunate to be right there on top of this phenomenon, developing lovely personal relationships and the know how to reach out to the next influential blogger along the way.

Now we’d like to share some of our knowledge and experience in a series of “Blogger Blogs.” 

In Part I, below, are ‘tips’ on how to interact with bloggers; Part II, is an example of choosing the ideal blogger with the perfect demographic to suit a client’s specific line, and in Part III, providing the other perspective, a client describes how our engagement with bloggers positively impacted a product launch and brand image. 

Part I: Tips on How to Develop & Expand Successful Blogger Relationships & Prompt Client Coverage

  1. Locate bloggers who are suitable to act as ambassadors for the brand, particularly those that garner an impressive amount of dedicated followers on their blog and social media. Be sure to collect their names in a coherent press list for future reference.
  2. Introduce the product and/or brand to each blogger with a personal, striking message that includes product information, possibly related materials and photography of the specific products you would like them to consider.
  3. Follow up. The blogger might hold off on immediately responding to a request if he or she thinks the brand might be more appropriate for a future feature or is busy with another task at the moment. Therefore, following up is necessary to ensure that the brand stays top-of-mind. Be patient, consistent and thoughtful. If the blogger does not respond, move on to the next one until interest is secured.
  4. Collaborate with the blogger to determine the style of the online piece, such as blog review, giveaway or social media promotion. Deliver any resources, like product sample and marketing materials.
  5. Once the blogger features the product and brand, share the link and press clip of the published piece with the client, and indicate the influence and following of the blogger. Promote the piece on your agency’s social media channels, and prompt the client to do the same on theirs. The blogger appreciates having his or her blog promoted as well.
  6. The communication shouldn’t end there! JBCPR maintains an ongoing good relationship with the blogger by continuing to provide further valid concept ideas and useable and useful product possibilities.

Fortunately, in recent years most clients have come to understand the incredible value of blogger relations.  They have to, because bloggers are the present… and the future!