JBCPR Makes PR Live Forever — with Didit!

September 2, 2015  |  Posted by JB Cumberland PR

To all our friends + followers:

As those of us in the marketing biz know well, in order to have an ongoing major impact on our target audience, our tools and tactics have to evolve constantly, just as what influences that audience does.The classic trappings of print, electronic media, events and, now, bloggers that once ruled remain invaluable door openers and strong strategic message systems.

However, adding digital support to our campaigns opens many more layers of expanded and ongoing reach for our messages. Think about those high quality bloggers, digital magazines, online influencer endorsements, etc. that JBCPR gets for clients on a day-to-day basis, and recognize them as modern day “earned media” or “content.”  Then the power of marrying the two spheres of traditional PR and digital [SEO] marketing becomes better than common sense (genius, maybe!).  Clearly the effectiveness and positive results of our campaigns increase exponentially!

Or, as we have always like to say, we create a ‘snowball effect’ of consumer and industry recognition and trust for our clients, which is after all, the ultimate JBCPR objective. And, possibly best of all, the media results for our clients, if we add digital/SEO support, allows the great coverage to go on almost forever!

And that’s why I am thrilled to share that we have found – or been found by –the perfect partner to guide us wisely and well into the state-of-the-art practices of digital marketing, and that company is Didit (http://www.didit.com/resources), one of the nation’s most respected and influential digital marketing agencies as well as a leader in SEO, SEM, CRM and content marketing.

JB Cumberland PR became “a Didit Company” this July and has already moved to new Didit offices at 276 Fifth Ave at 30th St, NYC, NY.

Of course, we’re keeping the same staff, name, email, phone numbers, website and social media–and our positive attitude toward doing the best work possible for our clients and having a great time doing it!


All the best,


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